What is Lambda ? #

Lambda is an association of the 1901 law, it gathers all the PhD students in Mathematics registered at the Bordeaux’s University. Lambda is supported by l’Ecole Doctorale Mathématiques et Informatiques, l’Institut de Mathématiques de Bordeaux and l’Université de Bordeaux.

What are the objectives of Lambda ? #

Through its activities, Lambda tries to :

  • promote scientific exchanges between the PhD students,
  • highlight the works of the EDMI’s PhD students, Inform the PhD students and et defend their interests at the University,
  • promote the professional integration of the PhD Students, particularly into the private companies.

What are the activities organized by Lambda ? #

  • Lambda organizes seminars every two Wednesday. They are the opportunity for the PhD students to present their results and discover what is done in other fields. Please, find the list of the previous seminars clicking on the following link.
  • Lambda organized in May 2019 the national colloquium of the PhD Students Inter’Actions which has gathered more than 80 PhD students from all over France.
  • Lambda has organized the 2022 edition of the MARGAUx PhD Days. This doctoral meeting gathered young researchers from the member laboratories of MARGAUx, la Fédération Mathématique de Recherche en Région.

Feel free to visit the doctoral school website to obtain the latest information (https://ed-mi.u-bordeaux.fr/).

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